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About Us

Who we are

Transforming the IT field service industry

We at Timelyne Consulting use tech-enabled tools and services to always be the first. 

How do we do that? 

We have short chains of command and quick approval processes based on trust and empowerment.

Smart IT software and tools designed for our needs are the backbone of our project management and dispatching strategy.

The outcome and the value this represents for our clients are quick on-site response times, fast decision making and high flexibility.

Our team is composed of various ethnicities, religions, nationalities, languages and gender. 

We use this as a strong and versatile vehicle to reach every customer as well as every objective all around the globe with fun and passion.

Our Recipe for Success

01 logical &
technical approach

Emotions are essential in life but when it comes to business we adhere to technical standards, best practices and logical thinking.

02 fun & discipline

Our highest motivation is to have fun and enjoy what we do. Still it requires discipline and commitment which we apply day by day, minute by minute.

03 experience & diversity

You win if you know what your clients want before they do! Experience is the key and we combine it with diversity in our team to spice it up.

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